Vedic Process Of Wearing the Pearl Gemstone

The Moon planet rules over Pearl. Pearl is also referred to as “Moti” in Hindi. The moon represents the feminine or mother. The moon controls the zodiac sign cancer, according to Vedic astrology.

Pearl oysters are used to make pearls. Natural pearls formed around foreign substances that have infiltrated the shells of marine freshwater shellfish.

Moon As Per Vedic Astrology

In Astrology, the Moon represents our feelings of pleasure and misery, as well as our perceptive mind, our deepest emotions, receptiveness, feminine energy, home, love, intuition, mother or motherly role in society or an organization, and marriage. It also regulates the human body’s fluids and white blood cells. Because they are both in tune with nature, this planet represents silver in metals and pearls in jewels.

Benefits Of Wearing the Moon Gem: Pearl(Moti)

There are so many benefits that pearl gemstone gives you, so here are some of the important effects or benefits mentioned below which is getting you by wearing Pearl gem.

  • Improves self-esteem

  • The negative effects of a full moon are removed.

  • Makes the mind tranquil and provides peace into one’s life

  • Controls the thoughts and anger

  • resulting in a happy marriage connection

  • Good for health Brings good fortune

Vedic Process of Wearing the Pearl Stone

Pearl should put it on on Monday. Silver metal is appropriate for pearls. The pearl should be in contact with the skin of the wearer’s finger. According to astrology, the optimum time to wear a moti is in the evening, when the moon rises.

Before wearing the ring, it should be cleaned with Ganga water (or, if Ganga Jal is unavailable, with any holy water). After washing the ring, it should be placed on white linen with a Moon Yantra drawn in white sandalwood paste.

The Numerical Yantra Of Moon

7 2 9
8 6 4
3 10 5

Note:- The Yanta is drawn on New cloth with white sandalwood (Chandan) paste

The wearer can also execute these rites. To begin, the user should worship the Yantra while seated on a straw mat facing northwest. A Tilak respects the Yantra after worshiping it, and flowers and incense should be given with a ring in front of the silver Yantra. Finally, the pearl attached to the ring should be worshiped while repeating the Moon God’s mantra.


“ओम सोम सोमाय नमः ओम”

The mantra must be repeated 108 or 11,000 times. The wearer should meditate first, and then wear the pearl in the form of a ring, necklace, or bracelet. The ring should be worn on the left hand, either on the ring or the little finger. That is also feasible; the user should contribute white cloth/rice/milk/Mishri to any beggar or a Pandit at a temple.

Because pearl is particularly elegant, it should not be placed in cotton because cotton can generate scratches, cracks, and waves on its surface. The ring of this hallowed way brings good fortune, peace, and money.

Pearl Gemstone Myths

  • The earliest and most well-known superstition regarding pearl gemstones is that pearl stone should never be used in engagement rings because pearl signifies tears and misery.

  • It is thought that if a lady wears a lot of pearls, she will have to cry a lot throughout her marriage. As a result, a pearl stone engagement ring should never be worn by a woman.

  • Wearing a pearl stone in the form of a ring will offer the wearer good health, fortune, luck, and wealth.

  • It was also thought that wearing a pearl stone heals jaundice and protects against snake and pest bites.

  • Because the pearl gemstone was discovered in the water. Wearing a pearl gemstone was thought to protect divers from shark attacks.

  • Another prevalent superstition or belief associated with the pearl stone was that wearing it would foretell death, accidents, and serious diseases.

Where To Buy An Original Pearl?

The Pearl is a Marine gemstone just like Red Coral, these Gem is obtained from marine creatures. Pearl gemstone is also known as Moti in the local Language of the South Asian Countries. The Pearl Gem is also known as Moti in Hindi or South Asian Countries. The Moti or Pearl gemstone is Associated With the Planet Moon or Chand. This planet is for peace and calmness. The pearl gemstone is majorly used to reduce anger, as pearl gem also gives so many other benefits such as reducing stress, and anxiety, and enhancing calmness and peace to wear’s.

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