Astrological Significance and Benefits of the Panna Stone

The Panna stone is one of the most demanding stones in the market today. This gemstone with its deep dark green hue looks alluring, elegant, and highly attractive. The transparency, the cuts, the shades, and the shine, all make the Panna stone highly gorgeous.

Also, the astrological significance of the Panna gives its worth elevation. Known as Emerald all over the world, the Panna gem is used highly. People use this stone for its various properties. These properties help the wearer in their day-to-day lives. It changes the energy around the wearer. And makes the life-altering changes.

Here, in this blog, we will discuss about the Panna stone, the significance it has as per astrology, and the benefits it provides to the wearer.

Astrological Significance of the Panna Stone

An original Panna Ratna has been given much more significance in Vedic astrology. This gemstone holds alignment with the universe. As per the experts, the Panna stone has its link with the astrological planet Mercury. People who have the mercury planet in an unfavorable position in their Kundli or birth chart, they are advisable to wear the Emerald gemstone.

The emerald will remove all the harmful effects of Mercury as well as will not let come any negativity near you. The energy of the stone will shield you from negative energies and influences.

You should wear this stone only after considering first with an astrologer or Pundit. This is to ensure that the stone is friendly as per your birth chart’s planet’s positions.

Benefits of Panna Stone

The metaphysical and physical properties of the Panna stone will provide many advantages to the one who wears it with respect and belief. Many benefits of wearing the Panna stone are as follows:

    • Brings luck, success, and fortune to the one who wears it.

    • Provides power and strength to the wearer to lead and manage, to be at a power of authority.

    • Gives optimism to the individual; hope, warmth, and calmness.

    • Keeps evil spirits, bad omens, evil eyes, and negative influence at bay.

    • Activates the heart chakra in the body of the wearer, which is responsible for regulating the emotions in the person.

    • It Augments liveliness in the individual, while getting rid of sad emotions like depression, anxiety, stress, etc.

    • Expand the imagination power of the wearer, enhance creative thinking, provide wisdom, and increase intellectual thinking.

    • Increasing insights, and intuition powers, a natural Panna stone will also increase your self-awareness.

    • If you are suffering from nightmares, insomnia, or any other sleep-related problems, you should wear the Emerald gemstone. It will assist you in getting better sleep.

    • There are also healing properties of the Emerald gemstone. The Ratna will heal you both physically and emotionally. Emotionally, the gemstone will help you overcome any emotional traumas.

Physically, the Panna will help keep your heart strong and cure any related problems. It heals any skin infections or diseases as well.

Panna Stone Price

The price of Panna stone in India lies between the range of INR 3,450.00 – 241,500.00. The cost of the emerald is quite high because of the importance and worth of the gemstone. The emerald is a very influential gemstone. It has a high effect on the environment around the wearer and on the wearer. Hence, this stone is valued a lot and is worn by people from many cultures around the globe.

The price of a particular Panna stone depends on the cut the stone has been cut in among other factors. Other aspects are the color, fineness, clarity, and weight of the stone.


Natural Emeralds are hard stones with good durability, fine color, and astrological significance. These stones are rare and expensive because of their value and demand. Panna have been known to bring luxury, and royalty to the person. Royalness is also seen in the look of the person once they wear it.

Because of the positive energy of an original Panna Ratna, this stone is often presented as an engagement ring.

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