How To Write Gerontological Nursing Coursework in APA Style – From Outline to Final Draft

The gerontological nursing coursework offers learners the practical and theoretical knowledge required to provide quality care to our older population. As a practitioner, you will evaluate health and social policies from a national and international perspective.

The population of the UK is rapidly ageing, and more people are reaching above 65. Recent data shows that the disability-free life expectancy in the UK is falling rapidly. Some people need gerontological specialists who can provide them with care.

Statistical data provided by BGS shows that, in 2020, there were 1,429 consultant geriatricians in England. 38% of the consultants were aged 40 to 49, and 82% of the trainees specialising in England.

In response to the need for such practitioners in the country, several students are enrolling in this department. For such students’, writing coursework is an important part of course modules. They intend to practice their critical ideas with such writing. To help these learners, we will discuss the APA writing format for gerontological nursing coursework writing below.

Why APA? Consider it like a consistent formatting styling. Once you comprehend it, you can use it to write your assignments, coursework, or other related projects. Let’s understand the key ideas of the subject before we move to the actual topic of discussion.

What Is Gerontological Nursing?

Gerontological nursing is evidence-based learning that addresses the cultural, spiritual, developmental, psychological, and related unique needs of older people. These practitioners identify the expected outcomes that an old man can face. Resultantly, they work for the framework that can enhance their well-being at a later age.

Step-by-Step Guide to Write Gerontological Nursing Coursework in APA Style

Gerontological nursing coursework must start with taking note of the prompt that was handled to you at the time of the topic assignment. You need to go through every point so that a framework can be set for completing the task. However, if it is mentioned in the guideline that you have to follow the APA formatting, then there is no need to worry. In the below context, we will go through a detailed analysis of this formatting style in your coursework writings.

However, if the guide is not enough to understand the details, availing of professional coursework writing services in the UK can take away this concern. These experts can provide you with 100% plagiarism-free coursework while taking note of the requirements provided. Consequently, it will help you to get better grades.

Choosing the correct formatting to write is essential in writing coursework on gerontological nursing. There must be a particular format that can be followed up throughout. Students are mostly concerned about how to write their coursework in APA format.

Continue reading to know the process starting from outlining to the final draft.

General Requirements for APA Formatting

The APA formatting for an essay, assignment or coursework is different. However, there are some general requirements for gerontological nursing coursework writing that every student must consider. It may include,

  • The text must be double-spaced.
  • The margin should be at least 1 inch from each side of the page.
  • The preferred font size is 12pt in Times New Roman, 11pt in Georgia, or 11pt in Arial.

Cover Page

The cover page is considered the “face” of the coursework for gerontological nursing students. It’s the first thing that a reader will see in your paper, so make it as flawless as you can. Make sure to check the department guidelines if there are some additional requirements. A typical cover page includes elements like,

  • Title of the paper that must not exceed 12 words.
  • Name of the students with roll number.
  • Write its page number.
  • Name of the university or department where it has to be submitted.

Making An Outline

The outline of your gerontological nursing coursework must include all the essential parts of the whole document. Typically, it may include,

  • Title or cover page
  • Introduction
  • Main body paragraphs
  • Conclusion, recommendation or discussion.
  • References

This section may differ depending on the topic or specific university instructions. The way you present your main argument in the body paragraphs may also affect the overall structure. For instance, if you are including some extra headings or subheadings for an explanation, the structure will differ.

Page Header

The page header in gerontological nursing coursework includes the title of the paper which must be written in capital letters. It must be left aligned that comes with the page number which is right aligned.


The introduction of the gerontological nursing coursework must begin on the new page, followed by the abstract. The position of the introduction in the paper easily highlights it, so there is no need to add an extra heading here. Make it organised and try to avoid the use of jargon that can make it ambiguous for the reader. Generally, an APA format introduction must include the following key elements,

  • Provide some background information on the topic.
  • Explain why the topic of discussion is significant.
  • Provide an overview of the literature review.
  • Discuss the hypothesis.
  • Discuss how you will address the problem statement.

The introduction must start after the title with no line space. Mostly the last line of the introduction states the thesis statement. Remember to check the university guidelines in addition to the above-mentioned highlights.

Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs in gerontological nursing coursework writing will start immediately after the previous paragraphs with no line space. Each paragraph must start with the topic sentence, give its explanation for example and then conclude it. Whatever you describe in the body paragraphs such as methodology, discussion, analysis, etc., must start with the new paragraphs.

For instance, if you are writing “Analyse the role of nurses during the COVID-19 era concerning old age people”. Here to elaborate on the point or present some statistics, the students are supposed to divide it into headings and subheadings. Don’t consider it a different part but a sub-section of the body paragraphs.

Tables And Figures

The tables and figures are the infographics that present the information in rows and columns. Both tables and figures differ from each other by the way they illustrate the information. There are some general guidelines in APA formatting for designing your tables while writing gerontological nursing coursework. It includes,

  • Write the table number above the table in bold
  • Write the title case below the table number and italicise
  • Don’t use any vertical line but a horizontal line where necessary.
  • If required, write the relevant note below the table.

The Library Guides At AUT University present this formatting guide in the following way,

In the same way, to format any image or graph that you used in the text, follow the below-mentioned key points,

  • The number of the figure must be in bold letters and placed on top of it.
  • It must be followed by the figure number and should be italicised.
  • The “Legends” describing the figure must be placed below the actual figure.
  • If required, add some comments below the figure.

The Purdue University presents a generic example of the APA formatted figure,

Furthermore, you can also see the gerontological nursing coursework examples for better comprehension of the referencing format.


Conclusion is the final paragraph of your paper where you restate your thesis statement. You need to tie here all the supporting gerontological nursing coursework ideas that you have referred to previously. Remember that all the information should not be restated simply.

Rather it should be put in a logical manner that illustrates the connection between each piece of information. However, ending it with a suggestion or a call to action will make it thought-provoking for the reader.


To cite your sources according to APA style in gerontological nursing coursework, you need to follow the author data method for in-text citation. For instance, write the author’s name and year of publication in brackets and it must be separated by a comma. If you are using a specific part of the information, the page number should also be mentioned. However, the in-text citation changes slightly when multiple authors are involved.

For instance, if there are two authors, you need to write the initial names of both and separate them with “and”. Furthermore, the complete reference list should be provided at the end of the paper. These sources should be listened to alphabetically and double-spaced. The format of each source must follow the below key highlights.

  • Mention the last name of the first author.
  • The year of publication should be in parentheses.
  • Italicise the journal name of the source.
  • The volume number should also be in italics.
  • Mention the issue number if available.
  • The URL of the source should be written in lowercase letters, if applicable.

What Is the Difference Between Gerontological and Geriatric Nursing?

Both of these terms differ in respect to their focuses. For instance, gerontology deals with the physical, mental and social aspects of ageing. However, geriatrics specifically focuses on the care and treatment of older patients.

What Isthe Main Goal of Gerontology?

Gerontology utilises methodologies of medical and scientific disciplines. The ultimate goal is to learn about the ageing process. It is not meant to increase the life span of the patient but to minimise the disabilities of old age people.

What Are the Advantages of Gerontology?

These practitioners develop practices, approaches and structures that help older people to live a healthy life. They deal with the unique needs of older people depending on a person’s gender, race and health conditions.

How To Become a Geriatric Nurse inthe UK?

The entry requirements for every university are different. Typically, you need an undergraduate degree in Midwifery, medicine and nursing. The course will allow students to gain expertise in clinical care, as well as community and family nursing.

Gerontological Nursing Coursework Topics For 2024

Before you start writing gerontological nursing coursework, you must choose a good topic. In most of the cases, your teacher will assign you topi. However, if this is not the case you must choose a title that is aligned with your interest.

For this purpose, you can drive ideas from websites, books, journals, research papers, or even from your personal experience. Just make sure that the title follows the guidelines as given by your teacher. Some of the noticeable topics in this domain are given as,

  • What are the changes required to improve the sustainability of surgical rooms?
  • How to manage the PTSD symptoms among old age people?
  • How to prevent the effect of radiotherapy among cancer patients?

Gerontological Nursing Coursework Research Questions

Whether you are interested in geriatric syndrome, medication management or end-of-life discussion, the curated research topics are sure to inspire you to find the perfect research topic. Make sure that the research topic you select aligns with your academic goals and passion for improving the lives of adults.

  • A case study to investigate the impact of nurse-led interventions on polypharmacy in elderly patients.
  • Analyse the role of geriatric nurses in vaccine advocacy.
  • Evaluate the attitude of geriatric nurses towards end-of-life care of older patients.


Many students need help with writing gerontological nursing coursework. Various writing formats can be followed. However, one of the most popular formatting styles is APA format. It simplifies the write-up by providing the same writing format for everyone. It also makes it easy for the reader to comprehend the paper when they are already familiar with this popularly known formatting style.

The above-mentioned guide is enough for students who want to write their nursing coursework by following this writing style. Go through the detailed process before its actual implementation in your document. However, if you are distressed by the hassle of approaching deadlines, seeking coursework help UK from experts can benefit you. They have years of expertise in writing various academic writing projects. So, you can trust them not only to ensure timely delivery but also to keep note of your academic integrity.

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