Why Philippines Is the Best Location for Call Center Outsourcing?

Philippines is one of the most popular call center locations—known today as “the call center capital of the world”—and covers about 15% of the global outsourcing market. With over 1.4 million workers in the outsourcing industry in the Philippines, it’s clearly one of the biggest and most common markets for outsourcing of all kinds, from IT to call centers.

But is it the right location for your brand?

Our experts will go over eight justifications for using a Philippines BPO with you in this article. Do any of these needs match your own? If you continue reading, we’ll walk you through the process of getting started.

#1: English Proficiency Is High

It’s a common misconception among businesses that because the Philippines is an offshore location. English proficiency levels there are lower than they are elsewhere. In actuality, Filipino agents are highly proficient in English. This is in part due to the expanding outsourcing business. Governmental and educational resources are expanding and deepening in tandem with demand to serve the booming job market. Additionally, few Filipino agents have an accent because of the Philippines’ cultural affinity for Western markets.

Language and communication barriers are diminished by cultural and linguistic compatibility, which enhances consumer interactions and communications.

#2: Access a Large, Skilled and Educated Workforce

As previously indicated, the Philippines is home to millions of workers, particularly in the outsourcing sector. You may almost likely find the services you need in the Philippines BPO, whether you’re looking to outsource BPO, IT, customer support, marketing, or something else.

Additionally, the Philippines place a significant focus on ongoing training and development programs due to the country’s abundance of call centers and BPO outsourcing facilities. Young workers in the Philippines have a ton of possibilities to pursue training and education for jobs in customer experience, or CX, giving you the advantage of hiring highly qualified, educated employees for your call center staff.

#3: Improve Cost-Efficiency and Business Savings

Cost savings have long been a major factor in business decisions to outsource as many as 59% of companies claim that doing so saves them money.

Philippines is a fantastic outsourcing site if cost reductions are also crucial for your company. Labor and salary, among other expenses, are significantly more reasonable in the Philippines because of the advantageous exchange rates between the Philippines and the US and the reduced cost of living. As a result, companies who outsource to the Philippines can benefit from affordable labor rates, giving them considerably more scalability and flexibility than they would have with a local or nearshore call center.

Additionally, unlike other outsourcing locations, the Philippines offers extra cost reductions without sacrificing service quality. Philippines is a fantastic compromise if you’re used to having to choose between quality and price.

Benefit from Cultural Alignment and Customer Service Orientation

Because of the country’s significant Western impact, which implies that many Filipino agents share similar cultural values and workplace conventions, the Philippines is a popular outsourcing location.

Shared workplace values make working together simpler, encouraging quicker and more effective communication and collaboration, deeper relationships between teams, and ultimately making it easier to get things done. However, this is not a requirement for outsourcing. Additionally, agents are better able to interact with your consumers thanks to common cultural values, which raises customer satisfaction.

Government Support Provides Strong Infrastructure

The government of the Philippines has significant support, legislation, and infrastructure because the BPO and outsourcing industries make up a sizable portion of the country’s labor market, which indirectly supports your BPO or call center.

For local, regional, and worldwide corporate operations, Cebu and Manila serve as global business hubs. At the center of global commerce and technology. Where our ROI CX Solutions call center is located, are many call centers in the Philippines. With a business-friendly atmosphere, a global perspective, and a well-developed IT. And telecommunications infrastructure to support any of your outsourcing needs, being situated here enables us to not only give a great customer experience, but also a superior client experience.

Increased Scheduling Flexibility

You may more easily and more affordably offer help that coincides with any time zones you select. Or even 24/7 support for top-notch customer care, using Philippines BPO. It is simpler—and less expensive—to provide overnight support, either in addition to an in-house staff. Or with a wholly outsourced workforce, because the time zones in the Philippines are different from those in the US.

You’ll be able to minimize communication gaps and boost responsiveness with 24/7 support and more general scheduling flexibility. In addition to enhancing customer service and satisfaction, increased responsiveness also strengthens and improves backend operations, such as decreasing backlogs and accelerating time to answer and FCR.

If you are in need of a call center in Cebu, start looking from today. You are on the right track as you are going to get the best option for your business.



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