Why Is Your Cable TV Bill So Expensive?

It no longer is a secret that cable TV subscriptions are indeed expensive. It might not be a good option for someone tight on a budget. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most discussed and complained about topics when it comes to rising bills.

But why is cable TV so expensive? One of the reasons for this is because of the high cost of content that cable companies have to pay for. Moreover, cable providers also have to pay fees for the various network programs they carry for you.

Of course, there are reasonably priced cable TV packages, but the overall bill still accumulates quite a bit. That said, we would highly recommend Xfinity TV Packages if you are looking for a cable TV plan that will probably meet your budget.

Moving on, you must be wondering why your cable TV plan is so expensive and how you can reduce it. Well, lucky for you, that’s exactly what we will be discussing here today. Let’s look at some reasons why cable TV bills are generally expensive and what can you do about it.

Let’s jump right in!

Programming Costs

All cable providers, no matter how big or small their coverage is, have to pay large fees to the networks to air programs. This is why cable providers tend to charge premium amounts for the channel they offer.

For instance, HBO Max and Disney Channels are considered to be premium channels. They are unlikely to be in any cable provider’s base plan. However, you can add them on or choose a higher-cost cable TV plan.

Either way, this is one of the reasons why cable TV subscriptions are considerably expensive.

Increase in Competition

There has always been steep competition between various cable TV providers. However, with the increasing number of people choosing streaming services over cable TV, the competition has increased rapidly.

Every cable TV provider is fighting to get premium networks in their plans and wants more air time in comparison to its competitors. Therefore, the increase in competition is just another reason why your cable bill is high.

Choice of Channels

This is yet another reason why your cable TV plan is expensive. You probably know that there are various plans you can choose from cable TV providers. Each plan consists of a different number of channels and the type of channels.

You might have subscribed to a plan that has channels you probably don’t watch. If some of them are premium channels, and you don’t; watch them, it’s the main reason why you are getting a high cable TV bill.

Increase in Overall Cable Bills

If you weren’t aware, cable bills tend to increase every year, because of the reasons shared above and some other factors that are related to customer service and billing. This also includes equipment and a late fee that you could be charged for.

Since cable TV providers pay for programming, they will indefinitely charge their consumers higher fees. For instance, Game of Thrones was broadcasted on HBO, and it was an expensive show to produce.

Therefore, to make up for the production costs, cable TV providers charge a premium amount if you choose to get HBO in your plan.

How to Reduce Your Cable TV Bills

Now that you know why your cable TV subscription is expensive, let’s look at some ways how you can reduce your cable TV bills:

Examine Your Cable TV Bill

Before you dig into ways to reduce your cable TV plan, you must examine your bill first. You should make it a habit to read through your cable TV bills regularly to understand what your provider is charging you for.

Are you paying for any premium channels that you did not subscribe to? Did you change your plan but are still getting charges for your older plan? If so, reviewing your bill will give you clarity and you should speak to your provider’s customer support if you find any discrepancies in the bill.

Ensure That You Need All the Channels

Although we did share this to be a reason for a high cable TV bill, it is also one of the ways to reduce your overall bill.

Of course, it is given that you might not watch all the channels you have subscribed to, but if you already have a costly plan, and don’t watch more than 50% of the channels, you should downgrade to a less expensive plan.

Moreover, only subscribe to premium channels if you really need them, because they do cost quite a bit.

Look for Reasonable Priced Providers

Now that you have reviewed your bill in great detail, and you know there is nothing wrong with it, perhaps you should start looking for providers that meet your budget. There are many cable TV providers out there that offer basic cable TV plans at reasonable costs.

However, you must consider all fees if you plan on switching your provider. Compare your current cable TV plan with the plan you are thinking of switching to.

Moreover, you should also keep the promo costs in mind, especially if the provider is known to have a price hike once the promo ends. We would recommend that you avoid signing any long-term agreements unless you know that it’s the best deal out there.

All in All

Cable TV bills will likely get higher as the competition increases. If you know you won’t be able to afford it in a couple of years, perhaps you could switch to a streaming service. We have shared the reason why your cable TV bill is so expensive, and two ways you can reduce it.

We hope by now you have a better understanding of how you should move forward with your cable TV subscription.

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