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Jennifer Aniston

Everyone knows Jennifer Aniston for her decade long stint on the hit sitcom Friends, but she has also had a thriving film career. From romantic comedies to more serious dramas, here are 10 of the best movies Aniston has ever been in.

In this offbeat indie comedy, Aniston teamed up with Paul Rudd to play a New York couple who decide to live on a commune. Although the iboma movie received mixed reviews, Aniston was praised for her performance.

1. He’s Just Not That Into You

After making her name as Rachel Green on Friends, Aniston starred in a few romcoms before breaking out with this 2002 drama. She played down-on-her-luck Justine Last, a 30-something who feels suffocated in her mundane existence and finds love with handsome primary school teacher George Hanson (Paul Rudd).

Critics raved about the movie and praised Aniston’s performance. It was a welcome departure from the formulaic romcoms she had been typecast in.

Featuring a veritable who’s who of romcom and comedy stars, including a pre-Batman Ben Affleck, Entourage’s Kevin Connolly, and Big Love’s Ginnifer Goodwin, this offbeat romantic comedy is a must-see for Jennifer Aniston fans. It also reveals her penchant for sardonic humor.

2. Horrible Bosses

In Horrible Bosses, Aniston stars as a dental assistant who is sexually harassed by her boss. The film is a hilarious send-up of corporate culture and a perfect showcase for Aniston’s acting talents.

The cast of the ibomma movie is excellent, with a particularly memorable performance from Kevin Spacey. He’s one of a number of funny actors that make this film worth watching.

While some critics wish there had been more nuance, the film is still an enjoyable comedy. Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Jason Sudeikis have great chemistry together and deliver some really funny lines. The script may be a little overly-repetitive at times, but the cast makes up for it with their obvious camaraderie and energy. This is definitely a must-see for any fan of Aniston.

3. Marley & Me

A dog can be the best medicine, as John and Jen Grogan (Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston) discover in this tearjerker. Even though the Grogans’ yellow Labrador Marley tries to chew through their last threads of patience and human dignity, the film is a heartwarming tale of family life.

Aniston delivers a lovably deadpan performance as the girlfriend of one of three disgruntled company employees in Mike Judge’s corporate comedy. She also voices the mother to a kid who befriends a giant alien robot from outer space in Brad Bird’s animated masterpiece.

This Ben Stiller comedy rekindles the spark between Aniston and Sandler, who co-starred on Broadway with her in 2006. This low-key flick showcases the actress’s comic skills and her charm. The two are a perfect match in this hilarious ensemble piece. A must-see for Aniston fans.

4. The Good Girl

In this indie drama, Jennifer Aniston stars as grocery store clerk Justine Last, whose sour marriage takes an unexpected turn when she meets new hire Holden Worther (Jake Gyllenhaal). Nicole Holofcener’s subtle and underrated slice-of-life delivers powerful performances from a talented cast.

Originally written and directed by Mike Judge (King of the Hill, Idiocracy), this workplace comedy found Aniston paired with Ron Livingston as a miserable cubicle worker who seeks out hypnotherapy in an attempt to change his life for the better. The cineb net film was a satirical send-up of modern workplaces and received critical acclaim.

Despite the fact that everyone knows Aniston for her decade-long run as Rachel Green in Friends, the actress has starred in plenty of ibomma comedies over the years. Here are a few of her best.

5. Friends With Benefits

Jennifer Aniston teamed up with comedy legend Adam Sandler in this film about two brothers who both fall for the same woman. The result was a light romantic comedy that had critics laughing and sighing at the same time.

She was a sexy motel manager who caught the eye of a lonely travel salesman in this comedy. It wasn’t one of Aniston’s highest-rated films but still showcased her talent as a ibomma comedic actress.

Aniston gave an uncanny performance as a coworker in this satire about the modern workplace. Critics called it a hilarious send-up of corporate culture and one of Aniston’s best roles.

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