LED Flexible Strip Lighting: A Beginner’s Guide




LED Flexible Strips refer to LED strips that have been designed to be bendable, making them extremely versatile and able to be molded into various shapes and installed in various locations. 

Consequently, here are the advantages of LED Strip Lights:


LED strip lights offer several benefits that make them popular lighting options: LED strip lights Wholesale offer several benefits that make them popular lighting options:

Energy Efficient

The strips are very power conscious than the normal sources of lighting hence cutting the electricity costs by between 80-90%. They also have longer useful life – up to 50,000 hours.

Flexible and Versatile

It is ribbon-like shaped, which is flexible and can bend and curve in any direction, making the installation possible even in small areas and irregular terrains, both inside and outside. They can be used as accent lighting, functional lighting, or general lighting for a particular area.  

Cool and Safe

LED strips also generate very little heat, a factor that makes them very safe to handle and fix near product surfaces. They also do not have the property of having glasses/filaments that are breakable.

Common Applications

Under Cabinet Lighting

LED strips under kitchen cabinets are used because they allow for great task lighting for food prep counters and for task area.

Cove Lighting

LED strips are easily bendable and can be placed under coves, built-in shelves, along cornices and in the alcoves producing soft indirect lights.

Accent Lighting

Exterior and interior designs of the building can be outlined with lights and patterns created using LED strips, while staircases can be lit up.  

Outdoor Lighting

These waterproof LED strips bring a dramatic flair to gardens, patios, gazebos, walkways and outfdoor kitchen.

Buying Considerations

When looking for <a href=””>LED Strip Lights Wholesale</a>, keep these factors in mind:When looking for <a href=””>LED Strip Lights Wholesale</a>, keep these factors in mind:


It is necessary to estimate the necessary length for the LED strips, taking into account the application area, extensions, and connectors to purchase.


Lumens indicate brightness. For bright working zones, strips with larger lumens should be selected, for zones with low lighting or as a decorative element – with small ones.

Color Temperature

Choosing between cool white (6000K) strips for a fresh, clear luminosity, or warm white (2700K-3000K) for a warm, cosy glow.

Beam Angle

Illumination angles of 120 degrees extend light further than 60-degree beams which are more focused.

IP Ratings

O Check strip’s IP ratings to determine the required waterproofing level. A weatherproof strip has a rating of IP65 and IP67, which means that it can handle a wet environment.


Connectors, corner pieces, extensions, power supplies, remote controls etc. should be good to make strips to work as expected.

Different Models of LED Strip Lighting That Are Popular At The Moment

Single Color White

Filament-strips are white and give out a steady light which is quite uniform and is very useful for general lighting.


Multicolored LED strips with Red blue and Green colors provide a colorful touch to light up the place with colored lights. Control colors through remotes, voice commands, mobile applications and other integrated home solutions.

Tunable White 

These can change the color temperature of the light from warm to cool white depending on the environment required with the help of a remote.This article focuses on providing an understanding of how the LED Flexible Strip Lights can be installed.

Follow these tips for easy installation:

  1. – Measure each area accurately then cut lengths of the strips using sharp pair of scissors. Do not bend over at cut points.
  2. – Remove the adhesive tape backing and apply the patch to a smooth, clean and dry surface. It is advisable to use mounting clips or tracks on top if it is needed for further support.  
  3. – Join strips or extension pieces correctly by soldering or via wire connectors. For areas which are exposed to the weather conditions, make sure that the wiring connections are tightly sealed to avoid moisture.
  4. – Connect the RGB strip and tunable white strips to the controller box through cables. This, to a certain extent, means that wires should be concealed along the installation path.  
  5. – Plug power supply into the strips and turn it on. Check if all the functionalities are working properly and if any changes are needed, they are implemented before finalizing the application.


The near countless varieties of LED Strip Lights Wholesale available today means that there is a seemingly limitless potential for creative and exciting lighting concepts in domestic and business premises alike.


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