Why Is My iPhone Camera Blinking and How to Fix It?

iPhone Camera Blinking

When you are taking a picture using your iphone and suddenly the camera of your iphone starts blinking, it would be an absolutely irritating situation especially when you are trying hard to take a beautiful picture. 

If you are wondering why does my iphone camera keep blinking then this is the perfect blog for you to read to figure out why this problem arises and how you would be able to fix this problem on your iphone. 

So, without wasting time we would begin knowing the ways which you would find helpful in fixing the blinking of the camera of your iphone device. 

Ways for Stopping Blinking Or Flickering of Camera of your iPhone device – 

There are many people who are reporting that their iphone camera begins blinking when you are trying to click pictures using it, and this is why these ways are helpful as they will be effective in fixing the problem for you. 

1. Keep the lens of the camera clean 

The first way which you must try is to ensure that the lens of the camera of your iphone device is clean and if it is not then you can clean it with the use of a soft and moist cloth as even the smallest particle of dust can affect the functioning of your iphone’s autofocus for fixing iphone camera keeps blinking and won’t take picture. 

2. Take out the phone case of your iphone device 

Another way which we would suggest you is to remove the phone case which you have on your device as it might be a hindrance in the functioning of your camera and its focusing. 

3. Try restarting the iphone device which you are using  

We all know that restarting any device can fix most of the errors as it clears the glitch which are causing issues on your device, so you might not miss trying out this way to fix camera flashing iphone on your device. 

4. Check for software update on your iphone device 

It is possible that there is some error with your software which can be fixed by you by looking for the updates and if updates are there then you should install them at once on your iphone device. 

5. Finally opt for resetting factory settings

If none of the ways work for you to fix why is my camera glitching then the last way which you can use is to reset the factory setting, even though doing this will erase all the data you have on your iphone but it will also fix the error you are dealing with. 

Hence, before you try this way you must back up all your data on your iphone so that you do not lose anything important. 

We believe that these ways which we provided for you in this blog for fixing the problem with blinking the camera of an iphone mobile, but if you still want to have a look at more ways which you can use then you can find them on website techzeel which is a good source of information. 

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