How To Make Your Products Noticeable With Custom Printed Display Boxes

Surface Finishing of Display Packaging Boxes

Do you know what creative design on display boxes can do to enhance the visibility of your products? No problem. This article is here to give you an inspiring display box design and printing sense. Custom Printed Display Boxes are the perfect choice to hold and display lightweight products. The goal of display boxes is branding, sales, protection, storage, and packaging. Therefore they are highly recommended in malls or retail stores. Display packaging boxes are considered an effective advertising tool. A display box can play an essential role in increasing sales and the value of products.

Custom Display Boxes
Custom Display Boxes

Determine The Dimensions of Custom Printed Display Boxes

It is essential to confirm the sizes and styles of display boxes before manufacturing. A variety of display box dimensions are out there to meet the needs of your product packaging. The size and shape of the product define the customized size of the printed display box. Most common sizes and dimensions of display boxes are 12″ x 12″ x 12″, 6″ x 6″ x 6″+, and 12″ x 6″. But if a product is bigger then increase its size. Add 1 to 4 inches in height and width to the display box. So, it is important to ensure the display box size is perfect to hold the product firmly. Whether the product is small or large, keep in mind the height and width of the box. Manufacture custom display boxes according to the size and shape of the product.

How Header Tab On A Display Box is Useful

A header tab on the back wall of the display box is an extended section. It is an extra space to print some graphics and content on the display box. Generally, this header tab increases the vitality of the product display. This header tab can be designed and cut in a customized shape or style. Manufacturing custom printed display boxes with custom cut lines or custom shaped die cut holes are also great. Organize your products in Custom Product Display Boxes. Make your display boxes captivating with stylish header tabs.

Trendy Design and Printing Opportunities on Custom Product Display Boxes

Designing a printed display box in a creative design is very necessary. Because a dull and boring design of a display box may not provide a better experience. Besides this, the vibrant color combination of custom display packaging is also essential. PMS and CMYK colors are highly recommended for printed display boxes. Additionally printing a logo on the display box becomes convenient with this printing. If you need custom display boxes with trendy designs that is great. It depends upon the requirements. After all the purpose of trendy design and printing of display boxes is to create brand awareness. So get your wholesale display packaging boxes designed and printed with trendy styles. And double your Product sales.

Surface Finishing of Display Packaging Boxes

Every brand has its own unique design and attractive design of the product. They apply a suitable surface finish to match the design of the product to their brand. But it depends on the type of paper material used for the display box. A soft matte is good for a smooth finish. If applying high glossing for enhancing colors is also great. Apart from this embossing/deposing are other finishing options to give a premium look to custom printed display boxes. For instance, if you intend to manufacture white display boxes, you have the liberty to add finishing as per your wish.

Wrapping Things Up

It is essential to showcase products in unique and pleasant display boxes. Establish the legacy of your brand with a decent display packaging of your products. Manufacture custom made display boxes that meet the requirements. Custom Designs Boxes is one of the leading custom packaging companies to manufacture custom product display boxes. Make your display packaging boxes printed with perfect size and creative style. Add fuel to your product sales with elegant display packaging. Encourage customers to notice your products in the display box. And buy a product exhibited in the box.

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