How citrine jewelry add charm to you outfit and personality?

Citrine is a variety of quartz, which is a mineral composed of silicon and oxygen. It is characterized by its yellow to golden brown color, although it can also range from pale yellow to deep amber hues. Citrine gets its color from trace amounts of iron within the crystal structure.

Citrine is typically transparent and has a vitreous luster, giving it a bright and glass-like appearance. It has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, which means it is relatively durable and suitable for everyday wear.

While natural citrine does exist, the majority of citrine on the market is actually amethyst or smoky quartz that has been heat-treated to achieve the yellow color. This process involves heating the quartz crystals at high temperatures to transform the color from purple (in the case of amethyst) or brown (in the case of smoky quartz) to the desired shades of yellow.

Citrine is commonly used in jewelry, including rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Its warm and sunny color makes it a popular choice, particularly as a birthstone for November. It is also associated with positive energy, abundance, and success in various metaphysical and healing practices.

So, if you are pondering over giving a chance to citrine jewelry to add a touch of charm and class to your personality, then we have bought you a detail guide to citrine jewelry which will choose this mighty and mystic gemstone without getting perplexed.

  1. Colours

The bright and alluring hues of citrine jewelry can range across various shades of yellow, while some specimens can have a amber to brownish hue too.

The most common and widely discovered hue is the sunny and bright yellow, which is mostly used in carving out that elegant citrine necklace which shines miraculously when struck by natural sunlight.

From pale yellow to medium yellow (also known as the “lemon citrine”, and to the deeper and intense variety of darker yellow and brownish hue which display a rich glow, every ounce of citrine jewelry is worth your hardly-earned penny.

However, the most precious and highly-priced citrine jewelry is considered to be the one with a Brownish-orange hue. Jewelry lovers have termed it as “Madeira Citrine”. Yet another highly commendable and sought-after variety of citrine jewelry is the “Burnt citrine” or the “whiskey citrine” that occurs in a deep reddish-brown color.

  1. Clarity

In most cases, citrine jewelry, like that glorious and shimmering citrine bracelet, can be found in a transparent to translucent clarity, with the most precious and highly-treasured pieces like the whiskey citrine, exhibiting a flawless and crystal-clear surface.

Besides, the overall clarity of citrine jewelry is usually influenced by a lot of factors like the quality of the stone, the way it has been treated as well as the place or the mine from where it has been excavated.

In case of natural and completely untreated citrine stone, it would come with a relatively higher transparency with hardly any visible traces of inclusions or internal flaws within its crystal.

Eventually, the natural variety of citrine is placed at the top of the list in terms of preciousness and value for money.

As the stone is exposed to heat-treatment in a bid to improve their color and clarity, the crystal could be seen having some bubble-like structure and other inclusions that have penetrated its crystal-clear beauty.

However, this treatment process helps jewelry designers to improve. The overall appearance of citrine jewelry by removing traces of dead color zones.

  1. The “Success Stone”

Due to its mystic trait of blessing the destiny of the wearer with immense wealth. A long-lasting scope of success and immense prosperity. Citrine is often cited to the “success stone” or the “merchant stone” in the realm of gems and jewels.

Businesmen who are going through financial and wealth crisis in their ventures and endaveours. Are often advised by astrologers to start wearing a citrine ring. In the index finger of their left hand to attract success and prosperity to themselves.

Well, it’s not only meant for businessmen only. Anyone who has picked citrine to be his companion, would be blessed with its astounding. And properties that will make his pocket brimming with dollars and destiny with success.

  1. The “Chakra Jewelry”

One of the most widely appreciated and commendable chakra jewelry, Adorning yourself with citrine jewelry. And has been proven to re-align the solar plexus chakra of the body. This re-alignment of this chakra often lead to an overall development. Of the personality of the person by boosting his self-confidence. Making him realize his self-worth and bestowing with some immensely blissful. And marvelous powers which helps him stay positive and optimistic, No matter how much efforts the situation is demanding.

  1. Durability

With a comparatively and sustaining durability and hardness level of around 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Citrine jewelry is considered to deliver a timeless elegance, complimented with its unparalleled beauty. And the astounding healing properties that works for the well-being of mind, body and soul collectively.

Having said that, you also need to realize that this stone is not completely anti-breakage or anti-damage alike diamond.

It’s better to treat and handle your citrine jewelry with proper care and concern. Like not wearing it when taking a bath or doing any other water activity. And keeping it away from hard and rough surfaces.

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  1. Luster

The ability of citrine jewellery to reflect light and provide a glossy, bright appearance is referred to as its lustre. Citrine is a stone with a vitreous, or glass-like, sheen that is reasonably hard and durable. Light penetrates a citrine gemstone and bends or refracts as it reflects off its surface. Giving the stone a brilliant, glittering appearance.

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