How can I launch a company in Dubai? Explained!

Do you intend to setup a company in Dubai? However, you are clueless about how to proceed and promote your idea. If that’s what you’re wondering, you’re in luck because Prospr is going to provide you with thorough, step-by-step instructions on how to launch a business in Dubai today.

Starting a business in Dubai: the comprehensive guide

The entire process of starting a business in Dubai is simple. Still, it can be time-consuming, mainly if you forget to provide certain necessary documents or fail to follow some crucial stages. Since we don’t want you to have any trouble, we are outlining each step in detail. It’s time to adhere to this precise schedule.

1. Select your business activities.

It is the most crucial and first thing you must accomplish. Everyone can find plenty of business chances in Dubai. When you realise that you won’t be required to pay any taxes, a lot of free zones appear to be quite profitable. There are other advantages of setting up a business in Dubai besides tax-free profits.

You should be aware, though, that some places do not allow for the conduct of certain economic operations. You might try to work at a place you’ve chosen, but you might run into logistical or commercial obstacles.

Upon investigating Dubai Free Zones, one discovers that certain free zones are well-suited for commercial endeavours, including technology, media, and finance.

Suppose you choose to establish your business in Dubai Media City and then learn that this area is best suited for media firms exclusively. If your company engages in media-related activities like advertising, it can be a wise choice.

Even if there are a lot of free zones available for general business, you should strive to identify your industry and then select a zone that caters to it. For instance, you should choose zones that provide facilities for trade, import/export, and other related activities if you are in the business world.

2. Select a mainland or a free zone.

Selecting the ideal location for your business is the next crucial stage that could make or break a business deal for you. Establishing a business in a free zone has several advantages, including 100% ownership, 100% import/export tax exemptions, no exchange rate limitations, and, most importantly, 0% corporate and personal tax.

However, if you choose a free zone, you won’t be able to conduct business in other zones, and your commercial operations will be restricted to one zone.

When it comes to starting a company on the mainland, you have access to options in the local market. You can trade both domestically and globally. On the other hand, you must collaborate with a local partner who will own 51% of your business. To establish a corporation in Dubai, however, you do not require a local partner, provided your business activity is related to professional services.

3. Choose your company’s name.

This step is where you will choose the name of your company. If you decide to use someone else’s name as your company name, you must use the complete name; initials or abbreviations are not recognised. The UAE has several rigid name guidelines. You must thus confirm that the name of your company is legitimate. It is forbidden to use names that contain any derogatory words.

A firm name will not be accepted if it refers to Allah, Home, or any other religion. Similarly, you cannot place your company name on the payroll of a political party or organisation such as the FBI or Mafia.

4-Finish the documentation for incorporation.

Making all the necessary paperwork ready is undoubtedly one of the most critical phases in the process of company formation in Dubai. All your official paperwork must be in order. When forming a company, you will need to fill out an application form on which you will provide the name of the firm, list the activities that the company will be engaged in, and attach copies of the shareholders’ passports.

Each free zone has different requirements for specific paperwork. For instance, a detailed business plan or a Non-Objection Certificate (NOC) may be required in certain free zones. This letter from your present sponsor permits you to open a new company in the United Arab Emirates.

To establish a company on the mainland, you must fulfil the minimum capital requirement and provide the information requested in the Memorandum of Association, or MOA.

5- Submit a business licence application

You will register your business activity and trade name with the Department of Economic Development (DED) of your selected emirate once all the necessary paperwork is ready if you must get in touch with the chosen emirate’s Department of Economic Development in order to register your trade name and company activity and then provide the necessary paperwork. You will receive a business licence from the government if your application is accepted.

6. Create a bank account.

You can open your corporate bank account once you have obtained your business licence and all necessary documentation. The good news is that there are numerous local and foreign banks in the United Arab Emirates, including HSBC, Citibank, Barclays, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Commercial Bank of Dubai, RAKBANK, Mashreq, and Noor Bank. You can open a corporate bank account in Dubai by choosing the bank that best suits your needs as a business.

A bank account is essential if you wish to trade stocks or begin your own business.

7- Application for a visa

Applying for a visa is the final step in our comprehensive tutorial on how to set up a company in Dubai. The final step is to apply for your visa after completing the previous one. You are advised to apply for staff and dependent visas as well.

Free zone enterprises receive a set quantity of visa applications. Different free zones have different numbers.

Mainland businesses, however, are not subject to these limitations. They can apply for an unlimited number of visas. Obtaining entry permission is the first step in the procedure, which also includes a medical fitness test and a status modification. You receive your visa and Emirates ID together with your approved application.

Final thoughts on setting up a company in Dubai

You won’t remark, “I want to start a business, but I have no ideas,” after reading this book. Now that you have a comprehensive plan in place, you can launch your company in Dubai whenever you like.

Setting up a business in Dubai is a complex procedure that can be intimidating if you try to do it alone. However, you can simply overcome these obstacles if you have the assistance of Prospr’s business advisors.

Regarding any signal issue, we will be by your side to offer you support and direction. Whether you need help preparing paperwork or obtaining a trade licence, we can execute both tasks quickly and precisely.

Do you still have any queries about how to launch a company in Dubai? Make an appointment with Prosper right now!

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