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Are you a movie fan? I’m sure you are because we cannot find a single person who doesn’t like movies. Due to our busy life, movies really help us relax by forgetting all the struggles we have faced during our busy schedules. That’s the main reason that the majority of people watch movies. Apart from that there are other reasons too. As an example, we can say watching movies fulfills our entertainment purposes, educational purposes, and many more.

Due to these reasons, many people find different ways to download their favorite movies. In this article, we are going to discuss free movie apps such as Showbox, which you can use with your iPhone to download your favorite movies for free. So let’s see what apps you can use to download movies for free from your iPhone.


Showbox is an application that allows you to watch TV series, music videos, and movies for free. It offers a huge collection of videos including your favorite movies and TV shows and also this app is regularly updated by the developers. So you can always enjoy the latest movies and TV series here. Many people doubt that Showbox cannot be used for iPhone users. Here we are going to explain how to download Showbox for iPhone users.

Any iPhone,iPod, or iPad versions are compatible with this application. This software is a really good and entertaining application that is at the top list of movie-streaming applications. And it’s really easy to use as well.

This app allows you to select the video quality as your preference. And also due to its user-friendly interface, it is really easy to navigate. It is not required to sign up or log in, you can just watch your favorite movies for free. So let’s know what other apps you can use to watch movies on your iPhone for free.


Tubi is another movie-streaming app that is compatible with iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. It provides a huge collection of TV series and movies that are in demand. And the happy fact is you can watch movies or TV shows without paying a subscription fee. The library of the Tubi app has a vast collection of categories including comedy, horror, action, romance, sci-fi, documentaries, and many more.

Tubi is an ad-supported platform. So if you are using the free version you are required to watch some advertisements. But these ads are a bit shorter than standard TV commercials. So you can save your time here. In addition, this app lets you create a personal account for you by adding your preferences and you can save them as well. But you need to be concerned that creating your own account is not required at all. You can do it as you wish.


This application can be introduced as one of the best apps with the ability to download movies, TV series, and movie trailers for free. The happy fact is this app does not require any subscription fee to download and watch any content you prefer. All of your favorite movies and TV shows can be watched free of charge. If you are using an iOS device you can get ZiniTevi download without jailbreak access. And also for Android users can download this app without rooting their devices.

The specialty of ZiniTevi is, it updates recently. So you can always watch and download your favorite latest movies and TV shows. And also the app itself categorized the movies and TV series according to the various categories. So you can easily find your most liked movie within a few seconds.

When it comes to the features of ZiniTevi, it allows you to play videos online or offline. And also you can download multiple videos at the same time with read news World news. The most important thing is you can add subtitles from your native language with this app. ZinTevi provides more than 20 languages. And also you can create your favorite movie list as well.


Crackle is a free app for all iOS devices that provide free streaming of movies, TV series, and other videos. Since it is a free app it supports commercials and some shows are interrupted occasionally by advertisements. But when compared to the content, using this app is still worth it. But the main issue here is this app does not provide movies or TV shows in HD resolution.

The user interface of this app is instinctive and simple. It offers you many features as well. And also it categorized movies and TV series according to the different categories. You can generate your personal watchlist as well.


Popcornflix is also one of the free movie streaming apps for your iOS devices including iPhone and iPad. This app offers thousands of movies divided into various categories. You can find any i movie category that you like such as horror, thriller, comedy, or documentary. You can watch movies and TV series by using your wifi or mobile data. In addition, this app allows you to select the quality of the video with the range from 720p to 1080p.

You can add captions automatically as a special feature of Popcornflix. You can go to the app’s settings and choose the language that you prefer. And also you can select the font type, font size, and also font style and color as well. This app is a completely free i movie streaming application. So there is no subscription fee you need to pay while using this app.

Wrapping Up

Today, many people like to watch movies to satisfy their various purposes. And also because of the daily development of the movie industry, we are lucky to watch different Ifun tv movies with different contents. That’s why many people are looking for the best way to download their favorite movies. This article includes the best free apps you can use to download your favorite movies using your iPhones. So here I have mentioned some free apps that you can use to download movies according to my experiences.

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