Familiarizing with Your Fiat: An In-Depth Look at Common Issues

Familiarizing with Your Fiat An In-Depth Look at Common Issues

Fiat vehicles, popular for their compact design and affordable price, are a common sight on roads worldwide. Yet, like all machines, they have their share of common problems. This article will examine some of the most frequently encountered issues with these Italian vehicles, focusing on the renowned Fiat 500 and its variants.

1. Engine Overheating: The Hot Topic

Engine Overheating

Fiat vehicles, particularly their 2008 Fiat 500 model, have occasionally been reported to suffer from engine overheating. This is typically due to the failure of the head gasket in these vehicles.

1.1 The Problem

The issue of the overheating engine is especially prevalent in the Fiat 500 model manufactured in 2008. The culprit, in most cases, is the head gasket. When this component fails, it leads to the engine overheating, which can cause severe damage if not attended to promptly.

1.2 The Solution

In response to the widespread nature of this problem, a recall was issued for this specific model year. Thus, if you own a 2008 Fiat 500 and encounter this issue, you could be eligible to have the part replaced free of charge. However, it’s important to note that not every vehicle will be included in the recall.

2. Black Exhaust Smoke: The Dark Cloud

Black Exhaust Smoke

Another common problem that Fiat cars face, especially those that are predominantly used for short city trips, is the emission of dark smoke from the exhaust pipe.

2.1 The Problem

When a Fiat is used primarily for shorter journeys, the engine oil can get contaminated with fuel. This contamination leads to the emission of black exhaust smoke and, if neglected, can result in complete engine failure. The 1.3-litre models are also susceptible to this issue due to potential coolant contamination caused by an oil leak.

2.2 The Solution

If your Fiat is emitting black exhaust smoke, the entire system will need to be flushed and refilled. A full diagnostic check will be required to identify the exact cause of the problem and determine the appropriate solution.

3. A Sweet Smell in The Cabin: The Fragrant Warning

Sweet Smell in The Cabin

Experiencing a sweet smell in your car could be indicative of a more severe issue. This is especially true for Fiat 500s, which are popular as a first car for many new drivers.

3.1 The Problem

The sweet smell could be an indication that your clutch is burned out and in need of replacement. As these cars are frequently chosen by new drivers, the clutch can be subjected to significant strain, leading to premature wear and, eventually, failure.

3.2 The Solution

The solution to this problem is straightforward: a new clutch. By replacing the old, worn-out clutch, you can ensure the safe operation of your vehicle.

4. Faulty Power Steering: The Unsteady Hand


The Fiat 500 model was subject to a critical recall in June 2014 due to an issue with the power steering.

4.1 The Problem

Due to defective wiring beneath the steering column, some Fiat 500 models were experiencing a loss of power in their power steering. This issue significantly increased the risk of accidents, as the lack of power steering can make the vehicle difficult to control.

4.2 The Solution

If you own a Fiat 500 from before 2014, check whether your vehicle was part of the recall years. If it was, you might be eligible for a free repair or replacement.

5. Power Issues: The Uphill Battle

Power Issues

Fiat vehicles, known for their nimble maneuverability in city settings, have been reported to struggle when it comes to power performance on longer trips or in hilly environments.

5.1 The Problem

Many Fiat 500 owners have reported a lack of power when driving up hills, leading to difficulties reaching the top or needing to drive slower than intended. This issue is particularly common for the 1.6-litre models manufactured in 2014 and 2015.

5.2 The Solution

Software issues are often the root cause of this problem. Therefore, a thorough diagnostic check is necessary to identify any other potential issues under the hood.

6. Faulty Clutch Pressure Plate: The Shifting Difficulty

Clutch Pressure Plate

One of the most reported problems among Fiat 500 owners is a defective clutch pressure plate, particularly in the 2012-2016 models with manual transmission.

6.1 The Problem

Owners may experience difficulty engaging the clutch pedal or a lack of pressure when depressing it. This issue is mainly due to the clutch diaphragm spring, which was prone to fracture and failure.

6.2 The Solution

The solution to this problem is quite straightforward. The faulty part needs to be replaced, and in 2016, the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a recall for this issue.

7. Steering Shaft Issues: The Turn for the Worse

Steering Shaft Issues

Some Fiat 500 owners have reported mechanical noises when turning the steering wheel. This problem mainly affects the 2012-2015 models.

7.1 The Problem

Owners reported “clunking, popping, or knocking” noises when turning the steering wheel. While this issue doesn’t pose a danger to drivers, it can be quite annoying.

7.2 The Solution

In some cases, the problem can be fixed by greasing the slip joint of the steering shaft. However, in other instances, the intermediate steering shaft, which connects the steering mechanisms with the transmission, may need to be replaced.

8. Incorrect Tire Pressure Placard: The Overinflation Risk


The 2015 model year Fiat 500 is known to have a tire placard that indicates an incorrect tire inflation pressure for the spare tire.

8.1 The Problem

The tire placard on the 2015 Fiat 500 may indicate an inflation pressure for the spare tire that exceeds its maximum pressure. This can lead to overinflation, increasing the risk of a crash.

8.2 The Solution

Fiat addressed this issue by issuing a recall. An information overlay was added to the tire placard to correct the inflation pressure information.

9. Premature Wear on Suspension Components: The Unsettling Noise

The Unsettling Noise

2012-2015 Fiat 500 models have frequently reported “clanking and clunking noises,” primarily from the front of the vehicle.

9.1 The Problem

This noise is due to quick-wearing strut mounts that anchor the suspension to the vehicle’s body. This issue can also lead to premature wear on the shocks themselves.

9.2 The Solution

The solution to this problem involves replacing the worn-out parts.

10. Interior Problems: The Quality Question


Owners of Fiat 500 have reported various interior problems, indicating potential issues with build quality.

10.1 The Problem

Issues reported include keys getting stuck in the ignition, flashing panel lights, mysterious beeping noises, failing seat mechanisms, faulty Bluetooth, broken trim pieces, and a faster-than-normal clock. These problems are commonly reported in the 2012 model year.

10.2 The Solution

In most cases, these problems may warrant a visit to the dealer for repair or replacement of the affected parts.

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While Fiat vehicles, particularly the Fiat 500 model, have their known issues, it’s crucial to remember that no car is immune to problems. Regular maintenance and timely repairs can extend the life of your vehicle and provide a smoother driving experience. If you own a Fiat and notice any of these common problems, it’s best to consult with a professional mechanic or a Fiat expert like Service My Car to address the issues promptly.

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