Environment-friendly Tip Surplus: Revolutionizing Communication with Harris RF 7800H Manpack Radio and Harris Secure Tactical Radios


In the rapidly evolving globe of military and emergency situation communications, having trusted, advanced modern technology is not simply a matter of operational effectiveness however likewise of safety and protection. Environment-friendly Tip Surplus, a frontrunner in the surplus devices market, focuses on offering such ingenious remedies. Two standout items in their schedule are the Harris RF 7800H Manpack Radio and the Harris Secure Tactical Radios. These systems represent the innovation in protected, robust field interaction, providing unequaled abilities critical for modern-day warfare and crisis monitoring circumstances.

Harris RF 7800H Manpack Radio: A New Requirement in Area Communication

The Harris RF 7800H Manpack Radio is a high-frequency (HF) radio system made for modern-day armed forces, ensuring long-range communication that is essential throughout considerable, remote procedures. This radio is renowned for its toughness, providing clear, protected channels also in the most difficult atmospheres. The adaptability of the RF 7800H permits several setups, enabling it to meet a variety of goal requirements.

Secret Attributes and Advantages

Prolonged Variety: Utilizing sophisticated HF modern technology, the Harris RF 7800H guarantees interaction over hundreds of kilometers without the demand for infrastructure support, making it perfect for procedures in remote areas.

Safety and security: Including built-in security, the RF 7800H supplies safe voice and information communication, safeguarding delicate info against eavesdropping.

User-Friendly User Interface: Made with the operator in mind, this radio flaunts an user-friendly user interface that simplifies complicated functions and functions, allowing quick and effective interaction.

Adaptability: The radio sustains a variety of goals with its multi-band ability, consisting of line-of-sight and beyond-line-of-sight applications.

Applications in Area Workflow

The Harris RF 7800H is a critical tool for military devices engaged in area operations that need trustworthy and protected communication lines. Its capacity to work properly in varied environments, from dense woodlands to city setups, makes it vital for today’s military pressures.

Harris Secure Tactical Radios: Making Certain Mission Success with Advanced Protection Qualities

Together With the RF 7800H, Eco-friendly Suggestion Surplus also provides Harris Secure Tactical Radios, that include a variety of portable, manpack, and automotive configurations. These radios are made to give safe, reputable interactions with enhanced capacities that support intricate missions.

Advanced Safety Protocols

Harris Secure Tactical Radios employ the current security innovations to secure communication channels. These sophisticated protection procedures make sure that operational details stay personal and come only to licensed employees.

Boosted Connectivity and Interoperability

Among the standout features of these radios is their improved connection. They can incorporate with various other communication systems, offering higher interoperability among different units and solutions. This attribute is essential during joint procedures including several firms.

Toughness and Integrity

Manufactured to stand up to harsh conditions and misuse, Harris Secure Tactical Radios are built to last. Their durability ensures that they remain to operate effectively in extreme environments and under physical stress and anxiety, which is often come across throughout area procedures.


Environment-friendly Pointer Surplus is devoted to giving its customers with just one of the most advanced and reliable communication options. The Harris RF 7800H Manpack Radio and Harris Secure Tactical Radios are prime instances of this dedication. These items not just meet the high needs of contemporary armed forces operations yet also established new requirements for efficiency and integrity in the area.

For companies and people seeking reliable, protected, and straightforward communication systems, Environment-friendly Pointer Surplus offers an unrivaled range of alternatives. Whether for tactical, strategic, or emergency reaction, these radios are created to do when it matters most, ensuring that every objective can be accomplished with confidence and safety.

In a world where the success of procedures commonly hinges on the high quality of communication, Green Pointer Surplus with its Harris radios stands as a beacon of quality, prepared to outfit those who operate on the front lines with the most effective devices available.

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