Custom Flip Top Boxes: Improve Your Brand’s Value

All businesses have the primary purpose of increasing their products’ sales and earning the maximum benefit. In this regard, packaging plays a crucial role. For unique packaging, you can use custom flip top boxes. 

These boxes will sufficiently improve your brand’s value. As these boxes look luxurious and the unique box opening style helps to add value to your product. With customization, you can get multiple advantages from this packaging. 

By printing your logo on flip top boxes you can promote your brand. Similarly, you can give a positive impression about your brand by using high-quality material. 

Without wasting much time, let’s learn about the aspects of packaging with a flip-top lid. 

Custom Flip Top Boxes Increase Product Value


Those companies that want to increase the value of their product must get packaging with flip-tops. As the design of these boxes makes them unique and attractive to the customers. Consequently, the value of your product increases. 


You can compare the impact of packaging on product value. Say those cosmetic products that come in box with magnetic flap have a higher price than products in ordinary boxes. To give the same effect to your products, you should use a box with a flip-top. 

Give Your Customers A Memorable First Impression 


Packaging is the first impression of your brand and product on the customers. At the time of purchase, customers have no chance of directly identifying the quality of your product. For customers, the packaging is a yardstick of product quality. 


In this regard, flip top boxes with magnetic closure are the appropriate choice. The unique box opening style remains in the memory of customers and they get impressed by your brand. Apart from this, by adding enticing add-ons you can multiply the attractiveness of your packaging. 

A Marketing Tool 


Packaging is the easiest, cheapest, and best way of brand promotion. A simple easy to make your packaging a branding tool is to add a logo on boxes. Whether you are designing a retail box or you want a flip top gift box, logo printing is profitable. 

A logo will not only promote your brand but it can give your box a luxury look. You can emboss or foil the logo on flip-top packaging and make your packaging appealing. 

Increase Brand Recognition 

Custom flip top boxes can increase your brand recognition. Firstly this is possible by the printing of a logo and secondly, you can do so by making your packaging attractive with appropriate colors, artwork, and typography. 

The appealing design of your packaging will remain in the customer’s mind and during their next purchase, the customer will immediately identify your product. People remember uniqueness, and among packaging the most unique style is a flip-top box. 

Make Your Product Splendid 


Those brands that deal with delicate or luxury items know well about the importance of quality packaging. The appearance of the product increases many folds when the packaging is delightful. Flip top boxes have the ability to make products splendid. 

For instance, the jewelry item in a simple cardboard box will have a different worth than the jewelry in a box with a magnetic opening. You can further enhance the look of your product by adding inserts in the box to give a professional look to the product. 

Best For Luxurious Products 

Luxurious products like watches, fragrances, luxury stationeries, etc. need out-class packaging. Packing these products in box with magnetic flap will help you give a luxurious look to them. 

Using add-ons like embossing and debossing, foiling, and spot UV; can upgrade the look of your product. When customers get products in luxury packaging they willfully pay an extra amount for that product. So you can increase the sales and well as profit of your brand. 

Reflection Of High Standards 

Another feature of flip top boxes with magnetic closure is that they show the high standards of a brand. Obviously, a professional and superior brand will give this level of attention and investment to the packaging. 

You can further magnify this customer’s experience by selecting an appropriate material for your product. Getting a corrugated or cardstock material will be the best option. These materials provide safety and durability, so your product quality remains the same. 

To Sum Up 

To grow, brands need to build a continuous and positive impression of themselves. In this regard, custom flip top boxes are reliable tools for brands. These boxes play a beneficial role in increasing product value and brand recognition. 

Besides, the splendid box style and marketing ability of these boxes make them one of the most efficient and easiest ways to cast a positive impression of a brand. 

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