Care For Your Pockets With These Below Rs.700 Birthday Gifts

Birthdays keep on happening. While we are celebrating a dear one’s birthday, we start planning for our friend’s birthday which is next in the queue. It brings forth the best opportunity to celebrate our friends and family for the matter. It is the times when we express our love with birthday gifts that are truly memorable. In the endeavor to pick the best kind of gifts, we tend to leave no stones unturned for the matter. If you are interested in birthday flowers delivery or birthday gift delivery, then we have some great gifting ideas. We are here to highlight some unique birthday gifts under Rs. 700.

We understand that budget plays an important role in gifting. To ensure that you don’t miss out on anything, we are to highlight the pocket-friendly choice of birthday gifts online. Right from coffee mugs to flowers, to cakes, etc., there’s a plethora of stunning gifts online. Depending on your choice and preferences, you can select the birthday gift that best fits your budget as well. Interested to know about the different birthday gifts online? Well, here are the top picks under Rs. 700 that are highlighted:

Smile Of Happiness

Gift your dear one this ceramic coffee mug. It is a simple yet thoughtful choice of birthday gift online. With stunning white and red ceramic coffee mug that comes with a heartfelt message. That has a heart-shaped handle and comes with the message ‘’You Make Me Smile’’. There’s also a proper illustration of the message of the matter.

Price: Rs.449

Soft Memories Cushion

Add a personalized touch to gifting with this designer cushion online. It is a red color premium quality cushion that is open for customization for the matter. It undoubtedly makes for a great birthday gift to put it precisely. This cushion can be personalized with the desirable picture as well as heartfelt messages just the way you want.

Price: Rs. 549

Simply Red Love Bouquet

You can send flowers to India for birthday purposes. Here is a stunning bunch of 12 scarlet red roses. The flowers are neatly done in a red paper packing along with a red ribbon bow. It is beautifully done with white seasonal fillers. For those who adore roses, there can be no better gift than this bunch of lovely scarlet red roses.

Price: Rs. 611

A Sweet Treasure

As the name suggests, here is a pack of sweet treasures. This is a mouth-watering hamper full of delicious chocolates. It contains 4 5 Star chocolates of 22.4 grams each and 4 Dairy Milk chocolates of 13.2 grams each. In addition, also contains 3 KitKat chocolates of 13 grams each. The chocolates are arranged in a decorative box. 

Price: Rs. 599

Scarlet Pink Scarf

If you are looking for birthday gifts for her, then, this can work wonders. Find this elegantly crafted scarf that comes in the beautiful shade of scarlet pink. It is a scarf that can be teamed with every attire of choice for the matter. This is sure to make for a unique gift on your birthday. Trust us, whenever she is going to wear it, it is sure to remind her of this memorable birthday surprise.

Price: Rs. 619

Abundant Pineapple Cake

Can birthdays ever be complete without some pineapple cake? It is a half kg delicious pineapple cake that has been baked to perfection. This is the perfect mix of sweet cream and tangy pineapple for the matter. For those who are cake addicts, surprise them with this delectable pineapple cake that has been baked for birthday purposes. 

Price: Rs. 662

Axe Signature Perfume

Surprise the special set of men on their birthdays with this perfume. It is a perfume from the house of Axe and is specially crafted for the men to put it precisely. Gift this signature perfume to any man you hold dear. Trust us, such a stunning birthday surprise is sure to make him feel special on birthdays for the matter. 

Price: Rs. 675

Two-Layer Good Luck Bamboo Plant

Gift your loved ones this exclusive gift on birthdays. It is the latest trend to gift plants on birthdays. Gift a handful of greenery on birthdays to put it precisely. This is a two-layer lucky and prosperous Bamboo plant that comes in a beautiful glass jar. It is not only a unique birthday gift but also a thoughtful one.

Price: Rs. 662

There are other unique birthday gifts online, to put it precisely. Explore the stunning collection as you take your pick with the best of the lot. Choose gifts with a heart full of love as you decide to drop in love-wrapped surprises on birthdays!

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