Asian Galleries and Artists Shine at Vueling Onboart Art Exhibition

Starting in July, the Vueling Onboart Exhibition gathers top artists from around the world, including Joel Douek from the USA, Catherine Puynesge from France, Tamara Michel from Austria, and Berta Jqyo from Spain, presenting contemporary Western artworks. From the East, the Kasashima Gallery from Japan and a group of Taiwanese painters bring vibrant Asian art to the exhibition. This event is unique, as it runs from July 1st to July 31st exclusively aboard Vueling Airlines, offering passengers the chance to enjoy these artists’ works in-flight.

I particularly want to highlight the Taiwanese artists at this exhibition because it’s rare for me to see Taiwanese works in international exhibitions. Taiwan has the highest number of participants from Asia, including Tsai Yu-Yun, Chien Hsuan-Ming, Wang Men-Chieh, Ho Ming-Chu, Lu Lan-Hsin, Yang Ching-Chiang, Wu Hsiu-Yin, Wu Li-Ying, Chang Yu-Hsuan, and Cheng Tzu-Leong.

I’ve previously followed Asian artists’ works, but exhibitions I’ve attended mostly featured contemporary art influenced by Western culture, aside from calligraphy. However, this onboart exhibition is different; I’ve seen exquisite Chinese ink paintings! For example, Ho Ming-Chu’s piece portrays a masked female figure in vivid colors against a simple backdrop, reflecting Taiwanese culture with delicate brushstrokes that highlight the artwork. I was immediately drawn to this painting when I saw it on the exhibition’s website.

On another note, Chang Yu-Hsuan uses ink as the medium but incorporates ancient Chinese oracle bone script, creatively blending imagery and colors to create eye-catching works. Yang Ching-Chiang’s artwork focuses on a large white waterfall, capturing the dynamic flow of water through contrasts of light and shadow, complemented by majestic mountains and tiny figures, creating a sense of grandeur in nature.

Wang Men-Chieh’s technique of repeated layering to depict valleys is also remarkable, showcasing vast spatial depth with clear details of mountains and minuscule figures that are truly awe-inspiring. Wu Li-Ying, on the other hand, paints waterfalls from a top-down perspective, imbuing the scene with a lifelike, three-dimensional quality that makes you feel almost drawn into the waterfall. The addition of poetic phrases enhances the zen-like quality of the painting, even though I couldn’t understand the meaning of the Chinese calligraphy.

While browsing the exhibition website, I discovered that Kasashima Gallery from Asia is the only gallery participating in the exhibition, and several Taiwanese artists were invited by this gallery to showcase their works. Kasashima Gallery has previously held solo exhibitions for Taiwanese artist Datong in Osaka and promoted works by Japanese artist Kokoro on large electronic billboards in Times Square. In recent years, they have been active in promoting international exhibitions in Taiwan, Japan, and Europe. This October, Kasashima Gallery will invite Asian artists to participate in an art fair in Milan, showcasing the talent and creativity of Asian artists on an international stage.

I believe Taiwanese artists bring a unique perspective and exceptional skills to the forefront. Perhaps because Chinese calligraphy and ink paintings are relatively uncommon in Europe, most people tend to associate Western dominance in the art world. However, Asia is rising! Looking at the global modern art auction turnover in 2022, the USA accounted for 37.4%, China for 32.4%, and the UK for 16.4%. The increasing production of Asian creations and the burgeoning emerging markets centered around Asia are expanding rapidly. If you have the opportunity, pay more attention to Asian art—you might just discover future art stars and treasures.

The Vueling Onboard Exhibition offers a unique opportunity to experience contemporary art from both Western and Asian artists while in-flight. Notably, the participation of Taiwanese artists provides a rare glimpse into the rich tradition of Chinese ink paintings and calligraphy, highlighting the rising influence of Asian art. This exhibition underscores the growing global appreciation for Asian creativity and talent.

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