A Guide To Traffic Fines In Maharashtra

India recently revamped traffic fines by amending the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 to address traffic violations. The sharp increase triggered a national outcry, prompting states, including Maharashtra, to review and adjust fine amounts for better implementation. Although most states embraced the changes, Maharashtra slightly adjusted to enhance manageability.

Motorcycle Fines In Maharashtra:

Understanding the fines associated with various offences is crucial for motorcycle riders in Maharashtra. The fines include INR 500 for riding without a helmet, INR 1,000 for triple pillion carry, INR 5,000 for riding an underage bike, and INR 5,000 for speed limit violations, unauthorised parking, unlicensed riding, and riding without a valid insurance or license.

Here are some additional tips for avoiding motorcycle fines in Maharashtra:

  • Always wear a helmet when riding.
  • Make sure you have a valid driver’s license.
  • Obey all traffic laws, including speed limits.
  • Park your motorcycle in designated areas only.
  • Keep your bike insurance up to date.

Four-Wheeler Fines In Maharashtra:

Car owners in Maharashtra face fines such as INR 1,000 for not fastening seatbelts, INR 10,000 for impaired driving, INR 25,000 for underage driving, and INR 5,000 for speed limit violations, illegal parking, driving with a void license, and operating a vehicle without proper registration, wiper, side mirrors, or with a broken or poorly visible license plate.

Common Traffic Violations And Penalties:

Some frequent violations for both two- and four-wheelers include:

  • Jumping A Red Light: INR 500 for the first offence and INR 1,500 for subsequent violations.
  • Driving Without A Valid License: INR 5,000 fine.
  • No Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC): INR 500 fine.
  • Illegal Parking: INR 500 for the first offence.
  • Mobile Phone Usage While Driving: INR 2,000 for first-time offenders, INR 10,000 for repeat offences.

Non-Compoundable Offences:

Certain offences are non-compoundable, requiring court appearance and may incur jail time. Examples include failing to reduce speed at intersections, driving on the wrong side, lane infractions, impaired driving, and driving while intoxicated.

Tips To Avoid Traffic Fines:

To steer clear of fines, vehicle owners should:

  • Wear a helmet on two-wheelers.
  • Avoid carrying more than one passenger on a bike, ensuring they wear helmets.
  • Refrain from using mobile phones while driving.
  • Drive within speed limits and avoid aggressive driving.
  • Carry necessary documents like driver’s license, registration, PUCC (Pollution under control certificate) , and insurance.
  • Buckle up and ensure all passengers wear seat belts.
  • Obey traffic signals and avoid illegal parking or entry.

Importance Of Bike Insurance:

The blog emphasises the significance of having valid insurance documents, particularly the convenience of third-party online bike insurance. Under the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, bike owners must have third-party insurance to provide financial protection in case of accidents. The blog distinguishes third-party insurance from comprehensive coverage, covering damages to the insured vehicle. Always ensure that you carry out the bike insurance renewal process on time for uninterrupted coverage. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy. *

If you choose Bajaj Allianz as your insurance partner, the process of Bajaj Allianz third-party two-wheeler insurance renewal is simple. It can be done by yourself using the Bajaj Allianz website or insurance app.

Understanding and adhering to Maharashtra’s traffic laws is essential to avoid fines and ensure road safety. The blog provides insights into motorcycle and four-wheeler fines, common violations, non-compoundable offences, tips to evade fines, and the importance of online bike insurance. Following these guidelines, drivers can navigate Maharashtra’s roads safely and responsibly.

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