10 Tips for Raiding Outposts In Meet Your Maker

In Meet Your Maker, the main message is: be very careful, mate.

In Meet Your Maker, the main way to play is to attack bases (levels) made by other players. To get back alive with the DNA sample, you need to know what to do when you start your trip. Raids are hard, but that just makes the prize taste better.

Each base is built by a clever gamer, so you almost never get to play the same level twice. As players make their way through each level, they are sure to face some tough tasks. Getting caught in a well-thought-out trap is always exciting, and each station is a puzzle to solve.

Survey – Observe The Level

Survey - Observe The Level

That might not sound like much fun, but starting out slowly can help you figure out where traps and threats are being set up. If you make it out of an Outpost with few deaths, going slowly isn’t boring. Some deaths are unavoidable because of how well the traps are set up, so don’t worry if you lose. Learn from your mistakes and try again.

You can play through a level as many times as you want, but remember that each time you die, the base owner gets more resources.

Go Fast – Skip The Traps

Go Fast - Skip The Traps

The traps take a few seconds to set off, so if you move quickly, it’s easy to avoid them. When fighting enemies, it’s best to move quickly to avoid their traps and get close enough to them to kill them. In Meet Your Maker, the key to staying alive is knowing when to move slowly and when to move quickly.

You can also avoid projectiles from monsters and traps if you move quickly. Use the double jump and the grappling hook to get through levels more quickly. Going slowly is safer, but going fast is a lot more fun.

Be Well Equipped – Hardware Is Key

Be Well Equipped - Hardware Is Key

Before you go out to raid, talk to the Hardware dealer in Sanctuary. You can get useful items from them that will help you out in a pinch.

We especially suggest getting the screen that you can put up to protect yourself for a few seconds. That will help you a lot if you end up in a “kill box” where multiple traps go off at once. The bomb is another great item because it can kill multiple traps or enemies at once if they are close by.

Grappling Hook – Get Hooked

Grappling Hook - Get Hooked

The grappling hook is a great way to move between levels, and it can also help you avoid traps. It lets you fly to a predetermined location while raiding bases. The hook is great for getting around traps quickly, especially the glowing acidic cubes. You can also use it to get closer to threats.

You might forget about the climbing hook in the middle of a raid. Keep it in mind when a trap room looks hard.

Indicators – Know The Signs

Indicators - Know The Signs

You’ll be able to see and hear when a trap is about to go off in the game. Before a trap goes off, the screen will flash red. This gives you time to move away. There are also sounds for each trap. If you know what those sounds are, you can easily avoid or dodge traps.

When enemies that shoot weapons are about to attack, they show an animation and make a sound. Some traps, like the Bomb Ejector, drop more than one explosion, so it’s best to run away from them instead of taking one or two steps back.

Round Two – Be Vigilant

Round Two - Be Vigilant

There are two rounds in a Meet Your Maker raid. One happens before you choose the GenMat, and the other happens after. Be ready, because many traps and enemies only show up after you get your prize.

Many players like it when you pick up the GenMat and traps go off right away, so make sure you have some defense skills. When you get to the GenMat, you may have finished the whole level, but once you pick it up, anything can happen. Be careful as you move away from the station.

Harvester Buddy – The Guide

Harvester Buddy - The Guide

Even though the small reaper looks like an enemy, it’s actually on your side. In Meet Your Maker, a harvester will go straight from each station to the GenMat. If you get lost and need to find your way back to the GenMat, just follow the little buddy.

Harvester can’t be stopped by a base because the game won’t let it. So it’s a surefire way to find the DNA you’re looking for. You can use the same method to find your way out of the station.

Destroy Traps – They Won’t Hurt

Destroy Traps - They Won’t Hurt

The best way to make sure that the traps can’t kill you is to break them. Traps that have been destroyed are not only safe, but they also can’t be set off again. They also drop useful items that you can pick up. It works out well for everyone.

We think you should take down any traps you can reach. Use your long weapon to avoid traps that are far away and your melee weapon to deal damage up close. Remember that after you get GenMat, the second wave will have more traps with more resources for you to get.

Conserve Ammo – Be Smart

Conserve Ammo - Be Smart

In Meet Your Maker, you don’t have a lot of bullets. For example, when you start Backrooms Game, the base weapon only has two bullets. You can get more ammunition by destroying traps and killing enemies.

But if a trap is far away and hard to get to, you won’t be able to collect ammo from it. So make sure there’s nothing in the way before you shoot. Sometimes it’s best not to take down a trap to save ammo. Many smart players have set up traps that go off when you go to get more ammunition, so make sure you look around before you move.

Use Melee – Swords Are Cool

Use Melee - Swords Are Cool

The starting gun isn’t very good. It has a big drop when it’s shot, so it’s not good for run-and-gun or long-range fighting.

Your trusted sword is just as deadly as it is quicker to use. It can also kill monsters and traps without using up any of your limited ammunition. So, when you can, use your physical weapon to damage traps and enemies quickly and for free.

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