August 11, 2022


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Three communication (and business) lessons from ‘The Squid Game’

This posting was translated from our Spanish edition.

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It is in all the discussions: the South Korean series The Squid Match (Squid Recreation, 2021) has burst into drive and generated an agenda on diverse subjects. Regardless of whether or not we have seen the collection, we know the premise and we have awareness of the aesthetics, the narrative and the conflicts it presents.


Past the media phenomenon of the instant, the collection offers us three classes applicable to the way interaction and organization work:

Know the motivations

The volunteers in the recreation may feel – at first glance – a team of debtors who are in urgent will need of income – but they are moved by a a great deal further drive, (and that permits the sequence to be a worldwide phenomenon). When we are deriving business enterprise or interaction ideas, the most prevalent mistake is that we are still left in the most superficial phase, which helps prevent us from seriously getting beneficial connections possibly involving our teams, clientele or other focus on audiences.

Very clear and easy principles

The sequence poses difficulties centered on children’s online games with basic and crystal clear regulations, two concepts that appear to be synonymous with “easy” (and they are not). The most strong discussions are challenging due to the fact they touch thoughts, fears, uncertainties, frustrations or deficiencies, on the other hand, when we create guidelines with aims and dynamics to move forward, we can move ahead in a far more constructive way. In addition – if not like the sequence – we retain the playful spirit, we are in a improved spot to get to unique and innovative benefits.

Obsessing above a one trouble (and only a single alternative)

Our mind is effective with stories and all those factors that are missing, it tends to comprehensive them to make sense of the narrative, be it individual, business enterprise, spouse and children, day to working day. Fifty percent the solution of a dilemma is that it is perfectly discovered, if not it will become a point of flight of methods, vitality and time pursuing a option that will be insufficient (and unattainable).

Communication is a crucial part in making corporations: from our own narrative, the voice with which we discuss to ourselves, to ensuring that suggestions are transformed into an implementable option, many thanks to the dedication and assistance of the group, and the way we express to our neighborhood the way we can remedy a require.