August 17, 2022


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Samsung allegedly hacked by the very same group as NVIDIA, initially data leaked

Hacking group LAPSUS$ guarantees to have accessed Samsung confidential data

Extortion group produced a teaser with the initially information exfiltrated from Samsung servers. 

The equivalent hacking group that managed to infiltrate NVIDIA servers 2 months in the past has now begun leaking Samsung confidential info. The group managed to achieve as significantly as 1 TB of information from NVIDIA servers and has by now launched the availability code for DLSS engineering. Instantly after unsuccessful ransom and absence of NVIDIA cooperation, the workforce is now striving to market the stolen information to third bash, which embody a bypass for cryptocurrency mining hash worth confined.

It isn’t outlined which Samsung servers did the group aim completely, however they point out the information that has been stolen from Samsung servers.

LAPSUS$ on Samsung hack, Provide:@vxunderground

Simply after publishing a teaser LAPSUS$ provided the adhering to description of the stolen data:

  • supply code for each single Reliable Applet (TA) mounted in Samsung’s TrustZone atmosphere utilized for delicate features (e.g. {hardware} cryptography, binary encryption, accessibility administration)
  • algorithms for all biometric unlock operations
  • bootloader supply code for all newest Samsung gadgets
  • confidential supply code from Qualcomm
  • supply code for Samsung’s activation servers
  • complete supply code for know-how made use of for authorizing and authenticating Samsung accounts, together with APIs and suppliers

Ought to this declare change out to be correct, then Samsung suffered from a serious data breach that might have critical stability penalties for the 2 the enterprise and their associates (this form of as Qualcomm).

LAPSUS$ extortion group have successfully breached every NVIDIA & Samsung.
-March 1st: They want NVIDIA open up-source its drivers, or else they may
-March 4th: LAPSUS$ launched Samsung proprietary provide code.
See connected pictures for extra info proper from LAPSUS$

With no point out of the ransom and even getting engaged with Samsung in any form of communication, it seems that Samsung each did not fulfill the requires of the extortion group or has declined to adjust to the circumstances.

Fairly just a few many because of TerpMike28 for the tip!